Venue / Booking Information

Thanks for taking interest in booking a show at Red House Live. Here is some info you might find useful.

  • All of our shows are open to all ages. Offer food, soft drinks and beer and wine, but have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking.

  • Our stage is 12 feet deep by 16 feet wide and 2 feet high.

  • We have 4 monitor mixes on stage; typically there are 3 across the front and a drum wedge.

  • We supply mics for everything on stage including the drum kit, bands supply their own back line and drum kits.

  • Red House has a basic 24 channel DMX light set up and a smoke machine, if you don�t want light chases or smoke during your set simply notify the sound tech on staff night of show.

  • All bands receive basic hospitality in the form of bottled water on stage, drink tickets, and discount food vouchers.

  • Red House has a 32 channel board with full live recording capability. If you are interested in recording your set please let our booker know so he can make arrangements with the sound staff.

  • If you are an agent or have more questions please contact our booker directly.

    Red House Booking
    925-938-6900 ext 6

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Booking Contacts

Paige Ervin (Rock)
Tony Hanna (Hip-Hop)

Shows Open for Booking

If none of the above shows work for your band, please submit a general booking request by registering in our booking system.